Aris Foundry, A division of Aris Industrial Supply LLC, offers an extensive line of Manhole Cast Iron Products.

We manufacture and sell the #1-grade top-quality cast iron products in the US, as well as sell American Made Cast Iron Products.

Aris Foundry works with cities, towns, engineers, waterworks, and contracting companies to design and manufacture Castings to their specifications. Find our Cast Iron Manhole Covers on many roads and highways throughout the Northeast from New York to Maine. Just look down to see Aris Foundry on the next Manhole cover you drive over. If you’re looking for a new design, our experts will work with you to ensure you have the product you need for your job.

Our sewer and drain products, catch basins, square, round, and rectangle frames and grates, water, utility, marine, farm products, and much more are made of quality raw materials per ASTM standards. Driving in towns and cities on minor roads or highways is an everyday activity for most Americans, and we all know that accidents can happen. Feel confident buying Aris Foundry Manhole Cover products and ensure your projects use the highest quality cast iron products in the industry. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and only use quality iron in manufacturing our cast iron products. We don’t make lightweight castings. Know that your family, friends, and neighbors in your community are safe from flying manhole covers and dangerous accidents when driving on busy roads.

At Aris Foundry, we pride ourselves on quality products and service to our valued customers. No customer is too small or large. We have trucks leaving our Aris Foundry Warehouse in Massachusetts daily, or we can have your order ready for pickup. Do you need a product shipped overnight for a project job site at 5 AM? We’ll make it happen!

If you’re an engineer looking for Product Specs or want to join our list of valued customers, Contact Us here. Quality and Service are our commitment to you!

Here is a preview of the Aris Foundry Cast Iron Manhole Product Line