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Sizing Charts

Choosing the right sizing for your WorkWear is a key part of your buying process. Each manufacturer has their own unique measurement definitions making it even more important to take measurements before you place your order. No one wants to receive their garments and discover they don't fit and then endure the hassle of returns, wait times to receive the right size clothing and possibly be told that the size requested is out of stock. Those are all possible scenarios if measurements are not taken and matched against our brand sizing charts.

When your order arrives, we want you to be a satisfied and happy customer. Ensure your order is the Perfect Fit! Make sure that you are ordering the correct Clothing Size before you place your order. While most sizing charts can be found here, every product with a sizing chart can be found on the individual product page of our site as well.

Big Bill Sizing Chart
DragonWear Sizing Chart
Nasco Sizing Chart
Pyramex Sizing Chart
West Chester Sizing Charts