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PIP 97-521 Medium Cotton Unhemmed Women's Inspection Glove

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PIP 97-521 Mid-Weight Cotton Lisle Unhemmed Women's Inspection Glove


The silicone free PIP Mid-Weight Cotton Lisle Unhemmed Women's Inspection Glove prevents contamination by human hands while doing jobs requiring a high level of Cleanliness like performing inspections, assembling electronics or Processing Food products. It is important to be sure that products are being properly protected from contamination from human hands, which even when freshly Washed can still carry dirts and natural oils. These medium weight 100% Cotton lisle Gloves are pure White for a clean you can see and are also great as a comfortable liner under disposable or unsupported liquid proof Gloves. These Gloves are reversible so you can wear them on either side for convenience and are available in 8.7 and 10 inch sizes to comfortably fit most women's hands with overcast hem and unhemmed options.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Silicone free
  • Medium Weight
  • Liquid Proof
  • Designed to minimize contamination of products from human hands
  • Constructed in a Two piece, reversible pattern
  • Can be used as liners under disposable and unsupported liquid proof Gloves
  • 97-521-H has overcast hem
  • All others come unhemmed
  • Available Color White
  • PIP Model # 97-521
  • Each Option Sold as a Case of 600

Recommended Industries

  • Inspection
  • Electronics Assembly

Available Options

  • 8.7 Inch Unhemmed
  • 10 Inch Unhemmed
  • 8.7 Overcast
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