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NASCO H4000FO Sentinel FR CAT 2 Detachable Rain Hood

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NASCO H4000FO Sentinel FR CAT 2 Detachable Rain Hood


Made in the USA, the Nasco Sentinel 4000 Series, model 4000FO, FR CAT 2 Detachable Rain Hood offers Arc Resistance meeting ASTM F1891 standards. With a moisture and chemical barrier on the outside and 100% FR Cotton knit on the inside, the detachable rain hood is resistant to a variety of oils, hydrocarbons and salts. This combination of comfort and protection makes it a great choice for Pipeline Construction crews and Oil Refineries that are subject to varying degrees of chemicals and oils as well as inclement weather. Designed to fit over most hard hats, the Flash Fire Resistant (ASTM F2733) Detachable Rain Hood makes staying dry and staying safe easy.


  • 100% FR Cotton Knit
  • FR Polyurethane Moisture / Chemical Barrier
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to Oils, Hydrocarbons, Salts, Alkalis and most Alcohols
  • Dielectrically Welded Seams with Safety Stitch
  • Long and Tall sizes available
  • Long Sizes: 2 In. added in Sleeve Length, body Length & Inseam Length
  • Tall Size: 4 In. added in Sleeve Length, body Length & Inseam Length
  • Color in Orange
  • NASCO Sentinel 4000 Model # 4000FO
  • Made in USA by NASCO

To learn more about what type of Rainwear you should wear based on chemicals you may be exposed to, refer to NASCO's Chemical Chart Guidelines here.

View NASCO Chemical Chart

Performance Standards

  • Arc Resistant: ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E
  • Arc ATPV: 14 Cal/cm²
  • HAF 87%; Break open 28 Cal/cm²
  • FR PPE CAT 2 / HRC 2
  • Flash Fire Resistant: ASTM F2733
  • Chemical Penetration: ASTM F903

Recommended Industries

  • Well Servicing
  • Drilling Rig Operations
  • SAGD
  • Heavy Oil
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance
  • Gas & Oil Extraction
  • Oil Refining and Processing
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Tank Cleaning
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