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Care & Maintenance

Some of our products require special care when maintaining or laundering, particularly FR WorkWear. Most clothing you buy typically has a laundry label attached to the garment but if you're buying FR WorkWear, you should know as much as possible about maintaining the FR Cloth to ensure you're safe and continue to meet NFPA standards. Manufacturers make Fire Resistant Clothing from a variety fabrics from Nomex and Protera to Tecasafe, Westex Ultrasoft and more. Each fabric offers unique features for workers exposed to Arc Flash and Flash Fire and each cloth requires specific care on how they should be washed and maintained to preserve their FR protective category rating. Find Product Care & Maintenance Documents provided by our FR WorkWear Brands, FR Cloth Manufacturers and Product Care Documents from our other brands here on this page. Ensure your WorkWear garments last and protect you through every job! Your safety is our top priority.