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Is Your Work Site Winter Ready?

Posted by Aris Industrial on Jan 2nd 2019

Tip # 1: Assess Workers' Safety NeedsIn cold weather, you better make sure your crew is suited up and ready to battle the blustery conditions. When was the last time you assessed their personal protec … read more

Dangers workers feel in extreme weather conditions

Posted by Aris Industrial on Dec 27th 2018

It’s that time of year again.Temperatures are already starting to drop. Rain is turning into snow. And, the winds are getting colder and harsher than ever before. There’s no doubt about it, winter is … read more

Winter in the workplace and cold weather safety

Posted by Aris Industrial on Dec 24th 2018

OSHA publishes a Cold Stress Guide to help employers protect their workers against this hazard. According to OSHA, “extreme cold” conditions drive down the skin temperature and the body’s core tempera … read more

3 types of safety products you didn't know you need

Posted by Aris Industrial Supply on Dec 23rd 2018

With winter right around the corner. Aris Industrial Supply has some products that are a must have for any worker that will be braving the weather for work. Here are a couple options you should add to … read more

Most cited OSHA violations of 2018

Posted by Aris Industrial on Dec 15th 2018

OSHA just named its Top 10 Most Cited Violations in 2018.Among the top risks worker health and safety, Hazard Communication continues to top the agency’s list, as it has for over six years.For those i … read more