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How to Make Your Workplace Safety Plan Successful

Posted by Aris Industrial on Jul 31st 2019

Having your workplace safety policies be ignored by your employees can be dangerous, stressful and cost you valuable dollars should an incident occur. Some safety strategies can be convoluted, comp … read more


Posted by Aris Industrial on Jul 27th 2019

Slips, trips, and falls account for 25% of all injury claims per fiscal year. These accidents can easily be avoided by marking areas with floor tape clearly to add an extra layer of protection for you … read more

Keeping Rubber Goods Safe for Use

Posted by Aris Industrial on Jul 24th 2019

While there are several personal protective equipment (PPE) items that should be utilized to keep workers safe in the field, one of the most important lines of defense is rubber goods. Rubber goods ca … read more

Direct & Indirect Costs of a Workplace Accident

Posted by Aris Industrial on Jul 21st 2019

There’s a lot more to consider when a workplace accident happens than just paying for the initial medical treatment. Below is a breakdown of the direct cost AND the indirect costs of a workplace accid … read more